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Discount Grab Bags


From experimenting with color settings, to sticker sizing, to small print imperfections, to merchandise I decided not to sell, there's a lot of wasted product when running your own shop! So much so I had to lay it all out on my bed to get pictures!

I've thrown out the truly unusable product, but even at that there was so much left over! So this grab bag is full of what would otherwise be lonely rejects- but there's nothing so wrong with them that a good sale wouldn't make them appealing again! So I'm offering these grab bags- super cheap, and you'll get a random assortment of all my discounted goodies. You're guaranteed to get stickers and prints, possibly some bookmarks or plain paper cutouts of my art. Either way, the low price is sure to make it worth it!

DISCLAIMER! You are buying a discounted item! There may be small imperfections in print quality, such as specks, streaks or smears, but not enough to interfere with the image clarity. Colors on some prints may be different to the full-price version, due to changes in color settings, different backgrounds, and print settings. A lot of these were my experiments! They may be discounted, but love these babies with your full heart!

While supplies last! Because of my photography, and screen differences, colors may vary from the images. They are lovingly packaged to ensure minimal risk of damage during transit!

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