Eli Keychain


This keychain of Eli is special- not only is it extra star-ified, it has that layer of epoxy glitter, making it a glimmering, adorable keychain based off of one of my favorite characters to draw. His hair is fluffy and he is perfect as a chibi! He's in a dainty bottle for your convenience when carrying him around, which you'll hardly be able to resist doing once you've seen his cute little face!

These keychains are 2 inches tall, sealed on both sides with acrylic so the picture can not be faded or scratched over time. They have a cute gold star keyring, and a glittery layer of epoxy!

Because of my photography, and screen differences, colors may vary from the images, but rest assured they are all intensely saturated and have high print quality! They are lovingly packaged to ensure minimal risk of damage in transit!

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