Fashion Stickers


Jump into the bright substyles of Japanese street fashion with these stickers! Inspired by the real, fun, amazingly expressive niche street styles found in Tokyo districts like Harajuku, Shinjuku or Shibuya, these stickers give a small taste of how those styles might look!

Whether it's the cute, modest cupcake silhouettes and frilly accessories of the sweet lolita; the absolutely delightful cotton-candy layers of the dreamy-cute "Yume Kawaii", or the piles of cute hair clips, bracelets, and swaths of rainbow central to "Decora", there is so much to explore and appreciate with these amazing fashions! These stickers hardly do the often painstakingly hand-assembled outfits justice, but if you feel a hint of the joy those clothes can bring, definitely put these stickers in your cart!

These cute, glossy stickers are roughly 2.5x3.5 inches, and each one is hand cut by Nass herself, ensuring that a great deal of time and care is packaged with every sticker! Collect all four at a discount by heading over to the "Fashion Sticker Pack" listing!

Because of my photography, and screen differences, colors may vary from the images, but rest assured they are all intensely saturated and have high print quality! They are lovingly packaged to ensure minimal risk of damage during transit!