Playday Rain Button


This button is part of the "Rain" series, and represents the most fun, optimistic version of a rainy day. Puddles to splash around in, rainboots to dance in, wide umbrellas to twirl around as you spin through the rain. You're with someone you love and you're both laughing. Maybe it's silly, and fun, but nothing's better than drying off after and drinking something warm together. Read a good book, or watch a heartwarming movie, or joke and talk for hours. The sky is grey, and the weekend is long. Maybe this button will help you carry a piece of that around.

Roughly 2.28 inches, these buttons have a high quality, smooth, woven surface instead of metal, with a film of fine glitter. The back is white plastic.

Because of my photography, and screen differences, colors may vary from the images, but rest assured they are all intensely saturated and have high print quality! They are lovingly packaged to ensure minimal risk of damage during transit!

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